ŚrīVaiṣṇavam for Newcomers

Śrīḥ  Śrīmathē Śatakōpāya namaḥ  Śrīmathē Rāmānujāya namaḥ  Śrīmath Varavaramunayē namaḥ

ŚrīVaiṣṇavam is an intriguing and ancient path which guides people towards liberation through an authentic tradition of great saints and sages.

For someone who has no prior exposure to ŚrīVaiṣṇavam, the tradition, philosophy and practices could be overwhelming. This collection of articles is an attempt to present the very basics in the simplest way. Once readers get a handle of this, there is a lot of content which gives from the fundamentals to the most complex topics related to ŚrīVaiṣṇavam.

Welcome aboard and we hope you enjoy and learn something about ŚrīVaiṣṇavam.

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