SrIvaishNavam – Beginner’s guide

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Simple introductory articles.

ANdAL pAtti (grandma) teaches her grand children parAsara and vyAsa who are eager to learn the basics (and the nitty gritties too) about srIvaishNavam. vyAsa and parAsara are two smart kids who are fond of questioning a lot and ANdAL pAtti is smarter and is fond of answering the questions with patience. It is said that when one has any queries/doubts in ones conduct, he/she should enquire from the elderly lady in the family. Our srIvaishNava ammangars (grand mothers specifically) were traditionally filled with wisdom and were also great story-tellers. They would so beautifully explain the incidents from srI rAmAyaNam, mahAbhAratham and the lives of AzhwArs and AchAryas. Children too were greatly attached to their grand mothers for their ability to engage them in wonderful matters effortlessly. We hope that you will enjoy this series of articles and learn from them too.

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23 thoughts on “SrIvaishNavam – Beginner’s guide”

  1. Very very informative and interesting articles.
    have a question — how would you explain ‘Dharmam’ & how do you know what is the correct action at every situation to youngsters?

    • Heard from one learned scholar named thiruppullANi srI u vE sundhararAja iyengar swamy. If we constantly immerse ourselves in AzhwArs/AchAryas words and speak based on them, naturally we will become most virtuous. He insisted that children especially need to be dealt with in the most careful/dignified way. He was saying that even our conversations with children should be based on srIvaishNava paribAshai. If we went to an older person and suddenly started speaking different (philosophical matters in srIvaishNava paribhAshai) than usual, that person may laugh at us and ignore us. But children on the other hand will absorb our change and they will start following us. So, first of all we should ourselves understand dharmam based on our pUrvAchAryas works and try to apply it in our lives – when we do that, youngsters will automatically follow that with a bit of guidance from us.
      Hope this helps.
      adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

  2. Very informative and necessary for all, especially for those who desire to know regarding Ramanuj Sampradaya. Organisers should think of giving this information in Hindi language, so that community from all over India can be benefited.

  3. Very good information , also very procative to follow our acharyas.
    We need more of these kind of information , history and explanation towards our pasurams….for younger generations to follow.
    Please do maintan this site. Thanks a lot for putting in effort to help others.

  4. Very nice and informative not only for children also for the adults who desire to follow the Srivaishnava Sampradhyam……appreciate your efforts for fabulous work, please continue and help us to gain more knowledge about our Sampradhyam….Dhanyosami swamy.

    Adiyen Andal Ramanuja Daysayei

  5. adiyen raamaanuja dasi
    swamy is there any link available for ‘aahaara niyamam’ grantam of swamy desikan . It would be of utmost use to todays younger generation to bring in discipline in health and food habits.


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