srI rAmA and hanumAn – hanumAn meets srI rAmA

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

hanumAn, one of the most important characters of srI rAmAyaNA met srI rAmA and srI lakshmanA, after rAvaNA kidnapped sItA pirAtti. srI rAmA and lakshmaNA are wandering around the forest in search of sItA piratti and happen to come across hanumAn. Put the puzzle together, to see the meeting of hanumAn and rAma-lakshmaNA.

hanuman meets rama lakshmana (2)

hanumAn becomes friends with rAmA and lakshmaNA and also introduces them to his king, sugrIvA. With the help of the monkey king sugrIvA, rAmA arranges search parties for finding sItA pirAtti. hanumAn is the head of the search party that heads in the Southern direction. After reaching the Southern ocean shores, the monkeys realize that someone has to cross the ocean to see if sItA pirAtti is on the other side. jAmbavAn, another mighty monkey decides to reveal hanumAn’s powers (the one hidden by the curse of the rishIs) and tells hanumAn that he can grow bigger, in order to be able to cross the ocean. Make the puzzle below to see how hanumAn grows bigger!

hanuman becomes big

hanumAn flies across the ocean, with the monkeys bidding him adieu.

hanuman flies across the ocean

And crosses the ocean, facing many hurdles. See one of the hurdles faced by hanumAn, by finishing this puzzle.

hanuman hurdle

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