Word Puzzle – thiruppAvai 5

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

pAsuram 5

In this pAsuram most of the gOpikAs have come together and are wondering how they will succeed in their nOnbu of reaching krIshNa, as the pApas they have accumulated over their lifetime would likely prevent them from reaching krIshNa. Another gOpikA explains that if one does kainkaryam using the heart, tongue and body (mAnasa, vAchika, kAyikam) expecting nothing from krIshNa, other than himself, krIshNa will end the pApas like the cotton ball falling in the fire and getting destroyed.

In this pAsuram ANdAL calls out to the vada madurai maindhan, denoting the archai form (the diety form of emperumAn).

krishna mathura

Playing instructions:

1. Find the word you are looking for

2. Click and drag from the first letter to the end of the word

3. See that the list of words decreases!

4. Puzzle ends when there are no more words in the list

Key words from tiruppAvai pAsuram 1 – mArgazhi thingaL

[wordsearch-mp ws_size=600 ws_dimension=20 mywordlist=’Mayanai,VadaMadurai,YamunaiThuraivanai,anivilakkai,dhamodharanai,thUmalar,vAyinAlpAdi,manaththinAlsindhikka,thIyinilthUsAgum ‘ ws_bgcolor=’#000000′ ws_foundcolor=’99CC99’ ws_bgcolor=’#000000′ ws_fontcolor=’#ffffff’]


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